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Publishers need to leap into KEF developments

Whilst recently submitting a paper to a CABS (Chartered Association of Business School's) ranked journal, I was surprised that I wasn't able to add the (non-university) affiliation of my non-academic colleague. We've partnered for several years to undertake work in her client's organisation, a large multi-national. Yet, when it came to submitting our paper, 'the system' demanded that she had a University affiliation - using her organisation was not an option. The editor also informed us that this wasn't possible but could be changed at the point of publication - so fortunately there was a workaround.

Publishers must get on top of this issue, with a nudge by editors possibly.

The 2020 iteration of the KEF metrics have set out that to determine research partnerships the following metric will be used: "Co-authorship with non-academic partners as a proportion of total outputs". But, whilst researchers alongside their non-academic partners' are unable to do this we've a case of 'the system says no'.

There's a risk that non-academic partners become 'silent partners' in our work?

As I leave academia later this year, it's also a little unsettling that I too may be prevented from publishing in journals because I have no university affiliation.

We'd love to hear from you if you've discovered a journal or publisher who doesn't support non-university affiliations. We're endeavouring to make contact with publishers to educate them around KEF and this issue. Email us at and mark your subject line as 'All can publish'.

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